Review Policy

General Review Policy
The reviews posted her on Books in Bloom are my own personal opinion.  I will be honest in my reviews and my on occasion post a review for a book I personally did not enjoy.  This does not mean other won’t enjoy this title; it is simply my honest opinion of the book.  If you disagree with my review that is fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m always glad to hear why you enjoyed a book that I did not.  Working in a school library I’m always looking for reasons to recommend books to a student so I’m always willing to hear other opinions. That being said I typically tend to rate books at 3 stars or above, ratings lower than that generally does not happen because I tend to choose books that I know I’ll enjoy.

What to expect from my reviews
Each review contains an image of the cover along with publication information, a summary of the book, which is usually taken from goodreads, and the review itself which as I stated is my own personal opinion.  The review itself may contain my musings about the author, cover, characters, plot, setting, and ant.  If it is a part of a series and not the first in the series I’m assuming you have read the previous books in the series, so if you have not read at your own risk.
My rating system is a 1-5 star rating system with a 6 star rating reserved my absolute favorite books of all time. I do not give six stars lightly, and I can count the number of six star books I’ve read on my fingers. A note about my rating system: I studied history education and currently work in a school I tend to read Yong Adult novel's with a teacher/librarian's eye.  Meaning I not only give  a rating based on my own personal enjoyment of the book but  try to view a book through the eyes of a teenager and assess any educational value a book might contain. For example the Hunger Games series could be used to spark discussion on the affects of war on a society.
For Authors and Publishers
I will gladly accept offers from authors and publishers to review books. Books in Bloom is primarily a YA review blog. Personally I tend to read books from the following YA genres: Historical fiction, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Dystopian, Urban fantasy and Fairytale/Mythology.  I work in a school library so I’m generally interested in reading and review book that I can add to the library’s collection and recommend to students. If your book is not YA but is something a high school student is likely to enjoy I would be happy to read it.

If you would like me to review your book please send me an e-mail at  If I choose to review your book I will reply to your e-mail within one week.  If I do not respond within that time frame please consider it a respectful decline. 

If it is possible to send a hard copy please do so.  I personally prefer to read from a paper copy as opposed to a digital one.  That does not mean I will not accept a digital copy of a book for review, but since I don’t have an easy way to read them any hard copies I’ve received will take precedent. 

Finally my acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review. I do not take any compensation for my reviews and I’m under no obligation to post a review.  If I do choose to review your book I will notify you of the date the review will be posted and a link to the review itself.  If the title is forthcoming I will post the review no more than 30 days before the books laydown date. 

If you have any questions or request regarding my reviews please feel free to e-mail me at